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Date: March 13, 2023 Author: NeutrinosChain


With the rapid advancement of blockchain technology, competition based on infrastructure is increasing. Speed, reliability, decentralization and low energy costs are now sought in p2p transfers.
Neutrinos blockchain aims to do this using the PoAI (Proof of Artificial Intelligence or Proof of Intelligence) consensus. The PoAl consensus is a smart contract consensus based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Neutrinos blockchain is world's first 3rd generation blockchain powered by Proof of Artificial Intelligence (PoAI) consensus with real time transaction validation & operated using mess network of artificial systems.
Neutrinos blockchain offers zero fees transaction, real time transaction validation and power of AI which makes it superior than any of existing blockchain.
Developed by computer engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Cambridge Proof of Artificial Intelligence (PoAI) is worlds fastest, secure and distributed blockchain consensus.

Mainnet Details:

Name: NeutrinosChain Mainnet
Network Id: 198
Coin Name: Neutrinos
Symbol: NEUTR
RPC: https://mainnet-rpc.neutrinoschain.com
Block Explorer: https://mainnet.neutrinoschain.com

Testnet Details:

Name: NeutrinosChain TestNet
Network Id: 197
Coin Name: Neutrinos
Symbol: NEUTR
RPC: https://testnet-rpc.neutrinoschain.com
Block Explorer: https://testnet.neutrinoschain.com

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