Date: March 13, 2023 Author: NeutrinosChain

Neutrinos Blockchain

Powered by Proof of Artificial Intelligence (PoAI) algorithm with real time transaction validation & operated using mess network of artificial systems.

3rd Generation blockchain with Zero fees transaction, real time transaction validation and power of AI which makes it superior to any of existing blockchain.

Neutrinos blockchain testnet is live and mainnet expected to go live in May 2023.

Neutrinos Blockchain for Enterprise

Neutrinos blockchain will open to use for enterprise purpose from Sept 2023. Industry can use code of Neutrinos blockchain to host in premises or private blockchain. As Neutrinos blockchain works on PoAI algorithm with real time transaction validation and without transaction fees it is ready to bring revolution in finance, IoT and many other industries.

To launch Neutrinos blockchain for enterprise corporate must hold 10% of Neutrinos Coins. This limit may get revise in future based on demand and price of coin.


Staking is a way of earning rewards while holding onto certain cryptocurrencies. After moving to mainnet Neutrinos will launch own staking program which will allow users to earn more Neutrinos coins. This will be completely decentralized staking platform audited by reputed agencies.

Yield Farming

For every blockchain to be successful yield farming is essential dapp in today's world. Neutrinos will launch own yield farming application on its mainnet but it will also integrate other existing blockchains with our yield farming dapp. Also we are going to do partnership with existing DeFi for integration of Neutrinos blockchain in there yield farming.


LaunchPad is essential dapp required for project to raise funds. Along with presale, fairlaunch Neutrinos will come with governance launch where users will decide release of locked liquidity depends on progress of project. If project doesn't deliver promised things users has rights to hold funds. This will work as insurance for your investment and project can't steal your money.


Currently users are able to purchase equity, derivatives and commodity assets using only centralize exchange. Also buying overseas assets are not easy. BitStock developed by Neutrinos will work as parallel stock market for trading equity stocks, derivatives and commodity like gold, silver in decentralized way. Users are able to trade in assets from 45+ countries. Advantage of BitStock is it will mint assets when both buyer and seller agree to purchase and assets get burned when transaction settlement is finalized. Unlike other exchange which manually generate such assets quantity and able to control all assets BitStock is completely controlled by its users.

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